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Update: Fall 2020

This year, as we all know, will be anything but conventional.  The same will be true for how we learn and practice science.  During our journey through distance learning what will be the same is our approach to the scientific method, through the lense of the scientist.  This quarter students will be learning about the nature of science and how scientist think and work. This includes the way scientist view the world around them and how they ask questions and seek out answers in a methodic way.  They will also be learning about the scientific method by investigating each step of the scientific method in both hands on and simulated activities.

Students will be introduced to Physical Science this quarter via multiple avenues including direct instruction through Google Meets live sessions, Florida Virtual Academy for supplemental exercises, and Schoology to house all of our content.

Despite not being immediately available in the classroom, I want to be as accessible as possible during this time so please feel free to contact me anytime.