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Mission and Values

Welcome to Crossroads Middle School! We are very happy to have you join our community, and we look forward to a very positive year of growth and a commitment to learning.

The Crossroads staff is an experienced and dedicated group of individuals who are willing and prepared to address the needs of all students who attend our school. Our hope is that each student will find a way to “connect” with at least one staff member who will serve as a listener, helper, and positive role model.

Crossroads offers the opportunity for a new start to make positive changes in order to prepare for a successful future. A commitment to take advantage of this opportunity is critical to ongoing enrollment and success.

Our staff looks forward to working with you throughout the 2017-2018 school year. Please contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.


  • Skills - Developing a student's sklill set and creating opportunities for personal growth.
  • Academic Rigor - Imparting successful academic performance with customized, relevant, rigorous curriculum and instruction.
  • Trajectory - Creating a path to personal, social, and academic success that will mentally prepare our students for their next step.
  • Post-Secondary Life - Moving students towards graduation who are dedicated to life-long learning in order to stay competitive in an ever changing world.

A Video Introduction to Crossroads Middle School