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Mission and Values

Crossroads Middle School is a school of choice which provides an alternative education option for many. We are a small school with huge hearts. We focus on affective needs of students, as well as providing a structured setting for learning. We pride ourselves on educating, and view our students and staff as family. 

Our Values

  • Focus on Learning
  • Mutual Respect
  • Support Each Other
  • Appropriately Confront

Our Mission

We are commited to....

  • Academic Rigor- Imparting successful academic performance with customized, relevant, rigorous curriculum and instruction
  • Skill- Developing a student's skill set and creating opportunities for personal growth
  • School Culture and Community- Promoting a collaborative culture of accetpance and appreciation while becoming productive citizens and leaders in their community
  • Trajectory- Moving students towards graduation who are dedicated to life-long learning in order to stay competitive in an every changing world
  • Post-Secondary Life- Creating a path to personal, social and academic success that will mentally prepare our students for their next step